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Warm Roofs

We specialize in building services, extensions, and conservatories, and are proud to be a Platinum installer for the Leka warm roof system. This solid and insulated structure significantly reduces heat loss through the roof in comparison to other materials.


Our warm conservatory roofs are tiled with metal or plastic tiles to match the house, providing a cohesive and stylish look. With thousands of satisfied homeowners already benefiting from their Leka warm roof, it is a proven and recommended solution that can replace most existing conservatory roofs without additional bracing. Trust us to enhance your home with our expertise and high-quality products.


Discover how the Leka System can transform your conservatory with better insulation. Our detailed breakdown explains how this unique roof system can enhance your existing or new conservatory project. Get started now!

Step 1 - GRP Rafters

To enhance your conservatory roof insulation, we begin by adding 'Glass Reinforced Plastic' rafters to your existing window frames, including a GRP structural ring beam, rafters, and ridge.


GRP is not vulnerable to moisture absorption, condensation, woodworm, or thermal bridging like traditional timber or bulky aluminum alternatives. Please note that box gutter systems are aluminum and are not Leka products.

02-internal-board-fitting (1).webp

Step 2 - Internal Leka Boards

After the GRP rafters, internal Leka sheets are added, which are both waterproof and lightweight. These sheets have unique thermal qualities and can be finished with traditional plaster skim or 12.5mm plasterboards.

Alternatively, the Leka Ecotech lightweight insulated plasterboards can also be used as part of the Leka ECO range. These options do not affect the exceptional U values offered from 0.10 in most cases.

Step 3 - Celotex Insulation

The next step in the Leka System is the installation of Insulated Celotex sheets, with a 15mm gap from the internal Leka sheets.


Celotex is a top UK insulation specialist, providing high-value thermal efficiency and BBA certification, and offering a significant benefit in achieving better insulation efficiency levels for your conservatory roof. It's worth noting that the ECO options of Leka roofs may come with EPS polystyrene instead. Be sure to check with your installation company before making a purchase to discuss the available options.


Step 4 - Outer Sheets

The next step involves the addition of strong, load-bearing and insulated outer sheets to the Leka System. These sheets ensure less roofing bars and higher efficiency.


The Leka outer boards are engineered to provide a structural alternative to plywood, a significantly lighter alternative to any other roof covering board, a 100% waterproof outer covering, and a thermally efficient board.

To further weatherproof the roof, the Leka external boards are covered with breathable membrane. The membrane is laid across the external boards and down into the gutter system, providing a continuous path for rainwater to travel.

Step 5 - Tiling

The LEKA system is completed with the addition of a premium Slate or Metal roof tile system, provided by Tapco, Britmet, or Metrotile, depending on the desired aesthetic.


These lightweight options offer a classic roof finish and complement the main structure's attributes, resulting in an outstanding overall finish.



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